We are a bromeliad production company with more than 17 years in the market. We have been experimenting and technifying these exotic plants for many years. Our crops are located in Arbeláez, Cundinamarca, 65 km from the city of Bogota, Colombia, where the height (1,500 m.s.n.m.) and the climate (an average of 22oC) are prodigious for the cultivation of these plants. With a highly qualified staff in the management of bromeliads and exotic plants and with passion and love for them, we have grown to be one of the most outstanding companies in the sale and production of bromeliads and exotic plants in Colombia. We have more than 23 commercial varieties of excellent quality bromeliads and other varieties of exotic plants such as anthurios, tillandsias, orchids, cacti, carnivores that you can find on our website and at ourpointof sale.